Triangle Certification Services

Triangle Certification provides independent NEBB Certified Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) Services for cleanrooms, HEPA filtration systems, barrier isolators and NSF Accredited Testing of Biological Safety Cabinets in FDA regulated, ISO compliant, CGMP and CGLP environments, USP <797> Testing Services, and Consulting.

Our strict adherence to our Quality System, Procedures, Work Instructions and Customer Requirements provides our customers with complete assurance of quality compliant work.

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Decontamination Services

Triangle Certification utilizes a variety of decontamination options, including gas/vapor methods such as hydrogen peroxide vapor, chlorine dioxide gas and formaldehyde vapor. All of Triangle’s decontamination methods have been validated and verified to consistently deliver reductions in bioburden. For large scale decontaminations such as cleanrooms, cold rooms, high containment labs, and animal research facilities, Triangle can help create and implement a facility and project specific decontamination protocol to outline all decontamination procedures, health and safety requirements, and project closure expectations. Triangle also manages the decontamination of small equipment inclusive of biological safety cabinets, incubators, and other laboratory equipment.  Our technicians deliver consistent decontamination results through the execution of Triangle SOPs, procedures that are carefully designed to comply with state and federal safety expectations.

Triangle can tackle a wide array of contamination challenges and would be glad to help you with your next decontamination solution. Contact us for more information!