Triangle Certification Services

Triangle Certification provides independent NEBB Certified Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) Services for cleanrooms, HEPA filtration systems, barrier isolators and NSF Accredited Testing of Biological Safety Cabinets in FDA regulated, ISO compliant, CGMP and CGLP environments, USP <797> Testing Services, and Consulting.

Our strict adherence to our Quality System, Procedures, Work Instructions and Customer Requirements provides our customers with complete assurance of quality compliant work.

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Large Scale Decontamination Services

In order to better serve our clients, Triangle Certification has partnered with Mar Cor Purification to provide large scale decontamination services for laboratory, production equipment, cleanrooms, and BSL3 laboratory spaces.

Mar Cor Purification uses the Minncare Dry Fog System to eradicate viral, bacterial sporicidala and fungal contaminants.  The Minncare Dry Fog delivery system combined with highly effective Minncare cold sterilant chemical enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare vapor to even the most complex areas.  It is a fast acting residue free EOA registered broad spectrum sterilant that is gentle on sensitive equipment and electronics.

Dry Fog Equipment Advantages

  • substantially lower cleanroom downtime
  • optimized delivery system
  • ultrafine droplets
  • highly flexible
  • pharmaceutical grade raw materials
  • measurable and quantifiable results

More Dry Fog Information (pdf)

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If you prefer, you may contact:
Jon Ruppert
Eastern Regional Sales Manager at Mar Cor Purificationt
(919) 606-5757